Leibniz X

Leibniz X is the knowledge and technology transfer center of Leibniz Association - a service that can be freely utilized by both Leibniz institutions as well as individual employees.

The German Federal Ministry of Research and Education (BMBF) founded Leibniz X as a project of high strategic and economic importance in 2004. The main objective why Leibniz X was brought to life still is to support all Leibniz institutions in the area of knowledge and technology transfer.

Leibniz X focuses on the support of new spin-off companies and the screening for ideas. During the formation of a new spin-off, Leibniz X makes its mentoring and consulting services available to all interested scientists, engineers and technicians in all phases of a company formation. Additionally, Leibniz X carries out idea screenings in order to increase the knowledge and technology transfer. During so-called screening workshops, Leibniz X reveals new ideas in the Leibniz institutions and evaluates their market potential, for example to pave the way for winning new external funding or industry contracts.

The Leibniz X staff is the principal contact for all questions in the area of knowledge and technology transfers. Arranging and matching contacts between industry and appropriate Leibniz institutions is part of the service offered by Leibniz X as well.

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