German Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centres (ADT)

Bundesverband Deutscher Innovations-, Technologie- und Gründerzentren e. V. (ADT)

The ADT is the Federal German Association of Innovation, Technology and Business Incubation Centers as well as science and technology parks. The ADT was founded in 1988 in the former West Berlin at the initiative of the first innovation and start-up centers in Germany. Since then, the number of Innovation Centers has continually grown along with the number of association members – particularly in the new federal states following German reunification. To date, the ADT is the only German institution which has specialized in initiating, supporting and overseeing enterprise start-ups in the form of organized Innovation Centers.

As an association, the ADT supports its member centers in fulfilling their task of initiating and overseeing innovative technology-oriented start-ups. By pursuing this approach, the ADT fosters the growth of small and medium-sized enterprise economy as well as innovation-oriented structural change in all regions of Germany.

The goal of the ADT is to promote technology transfer and innovation as well as business start-ups and enterprise development. It also seeks to further develop the importance and competence of the Innovation Centers in order to support innovative entrepreneurs and to present them appropriately in the public domain. The ADT represents the interests of the Innovation Centers, and thus also fledgling companies, in public areas such as politics, industry, science and the media. As an association, it is thus actively involved in creating favorable framework conditions for innovative start-ups in Germany.

Currently round 150 innovation and business incubator centers are associated to the ADT, with more than 7,500 companies and over 56,000 employees in these centers. The centers successfully outsourced more than 16,000 companies.

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