Research Organizations

There are around 350 research institutes in Brazil, with approximately 270,000 personnel (all categories), 77,600 full time researchers and 48,000 PhDs (2005). The country graduates approximately 10.000 PhDs per year (2007), 70% of whom in sciences and engineering. According to official data, the great majority of these PhDs work in public research centers and a smaller part in the industry. The number of researchers per 1,000 active people Brazil is estimated 0.98% in 2004.[1]

In 2002, around 11,300 Brazilian articles were published in international scientific publications, representing 44% of all Latin American articles and 1.6% of the world scientific production. This number has increased to a total of almost 18,000 in 2007, equal to 1.83% of the worldwide scientific publications. Main research areas are plant and animal science (3.91% of the worldwide output), agricultural sciences (3.72% of the worldwide output) and microbiology with almost 2.9% share of the worldwide publications.[2]

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